(pictured: not our car)

It’s important to remember, Pennsylvania is in the midwest.

Location:Something PA

New York Has Been Left

At 11:20 this morning we left our apartment in Queens for the last time.

Packing was a more monsterous job than either of us were prepared for, but we stumbled through. Our lives are contained in a tractor-trailer driven by a nice guy named Mark who took all our stuff away yesterday.

Empty apartment!

The crap we threw out!

Now we only have to drive. I thought that would lead to relief, but at the moment it’s just shock. We’ll put some distance behind us and see where that puts us.

Location:New Jersey, I-80 west


Really. Same wall as before:


What we’ll miss

I’ll miss a lot of things about New York, and a lot of things about our apartment.

But random stairwell graphitti, I think I’ll miss you most of all.


Movers get here in about an hour

Last night, at around 2, we packed our last box. Today the movers come and remove all of our belongings. Tomorrow we drive away.

This process has felt mostly fictional. I don’t really believe we’re going to move; I can’t imagine myself making such a dtrastic change. It must be some other thing. On the other hand, there is a wall of boxes here, so someone’s moving. I bet it’s pretty stressful for them.

I’m thinking (hoping) that this begins the autopilot portion of the move. The guys show up with the truck and we mostly stay out of the way; later we clean, later we drive, at no point do we make choices. That’ll be sweet.


Location:Crescent St

Headed home

And completely fried. Lots to process and lots to do.

Pretty place though, I’ll say that right now.


So Bellingham is pretty awesome

This here:

And they bike here:

I mean, they bike here:

And it feels like home.

Location:Boundary Bay Brewery

Checking out western Washington U today


Location:West w U,Bellingham,United States

Okay, Seattle, you’re pretty in the evening

These two things:

Turning points

Drinking at Elysium Brewery.

With a small blue rubber cock.

Pretty certain we found our apartment today. Up to this I haven’t really felt the positives of “we’re giving up New York life and embracing something new,” but today is turning it around.

Location:E Pike St,Seattle,United States